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Welcome to Viva Deo
Two Average Families, One Powerful Passion for Nutrition

Headquartered in two of the most unlikely places for a health company, Missouri and Northeast Kansas, we research, develop and deliver nutrient-dense products that help your body do what it was meant to do… HEAL ITSELF.

Now every month we’re GRATEFUL we help tens of thousands of American families attain the healthy support supplements your families need with POWERFUL, POTENT, PROVEN, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, 100% SCIENCE BACKED, EVIDENCE DRIVEN super foods that don’t require dipping into your college tuition fund.

At Viva Deo, our #1 goal isn’t sales.

It’s safety. Physical safety, of course, and emotional safety.

We want you to feel safe to explore, safe to ask questions, and safe to get answers because it’s only by shining a light upon the truth that you’ll actually discover which steps make all the difference to your health, and which ‘fads’ simply waste your time.

So go ahead, reach out for any reason at any time.

We really, truly mean it.

To You & Your Family's Health & Lifelong Happiness,
The Ross & Horton Families
Viva Deo

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