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Viva Deo Superfoods Blog

by Chad H. |

The Extraordinary Power of Beets

Beets are making a comeback on the health food scene (and for good reason). Beets are chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals making them a ...

Posted in beet root powder, beetroot benefits, beetroot juice benefits, beetroot powder, beets, beets benefits, beets health, beets health benefits, beets nutrition, beets vitamins, health benefits, organic beets, red beets,

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by Christina H. |

Amazing Health Benefits of Walnuts

Have you heard about the scientific study showing that walnuts actually fight cancer? From Dr. Axe: 7 Health Benefits of Walnuts 1. Help Fight Depr...

Posted in adhd, anti-cancer, brain health, depression, health, healthy snacks, heart health, memory, nutrition, omega-3, reproductive health, superfood, walnuts, weight loss, wellness,

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by Christina H. |

Goji Berries: The Amazing Chinese Longevity Fruit

Goji Berries are known for and have been used for their anti-aging or longevity properties. In the Ningxia Hui region of Northern China, where...

Posted in cortisol, endurance, energy, goji berries, health, hormone regulation, libido, longevity, protein, stamina, strength, stress hormones, superfood, testosterone, vision, wellness,

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by Chad H. |

Maca Root Powder the "Andes Aphrodisiac"

What is Maca Root you may ask? Maca Root is in the cruciferous family of plants. It's a vegetable in the same classification as broccoli and spinac...

Posted in energy, health, libido, maca root powder, powder, superfood, wellness,

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